Perfect Faithfulness

God is perfect. God is faithful. God’s perfect faithfulness is our one true guide through the valley of the shadow of death. read more »


It's entirely okay to admit we feel relief when the holidays are past, especially when we're grieving. read more »

God With Us

God is with us as we grieve - as we remember, as we memorialize, as we live a life of rich, unbroken heritage in the love of those now lost to us in death. read more »

Empty Grief

I'm struggling to untangle the complex emotions at the heart of a complicated grief. I realize that what I'm really feeling is empty. read more »


This story of productivity, change, destruction, and rebuilding is a kind of metaphor for our lives as we grieve the death of one we love. read more »

A New View

What we discover as we grieve is that our view to life is constantly evolving and changing. read more »

Moving Through

Our life serves a purpose, we're going somewhere... read more »

Light Lets You See Things

Light lets us see the way through our grief, even as we live for a while in the darkness of our pain and sorrow. read more »

The Garden of the Heart

What does the garden of the heart look like, especially as we near the other side of grief? read more »

The Land of Hope

When we grieve, our journey takes us through the valley of the shadow of death. read more »

Fear in Grief

Fear is insidious, especially in grief. read more »

How Long Does Grief Last?

Grief is many things, but it is not an on-demand experience. read more »

Where is God?

When an act of random violence kills innocent people, wounds and maims dozens of others, and brings an entire city to its knees, there are only questions - who did this, why, how? read more »

Hidden in Plain Sight

Sometimes I’m struck by certain scriptures that give us a better, deeper insight into the nature of God. read more »

Strong and True

Easter is a tender time when we’re grieving the death of one we love. read more »

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