Grief at Lent

Lent is a time of spiritual introspection and self-examination that leads to the renewal of our faith and a closer relationship with God. read more »


Comfort is an experience. read more »

The Other Side of Grief

Reconciling our experience of loss and sorrow with the grace of our faith inevitably leads us slowly but surely to the other side of grief. read more »


When the careful restoration of our life is at last complete, our grief becomes a precious part of the infrastructure of who we are. read more »


Grief is our finest, most enduring labor of love - we remember, we honor, we build our life anew for the future. read more »


The overarching emotion most of us feel when we grieve is pervasive, sometimes relentless sadness. read more »

Wordless Prayer

When we grieve often it's simply not possible to find words that express our sorrow, our pain, our inmost needs. read more »

Healing from Grief

Is there healing from grief? Do we ever really recover from grief? read more »

Where is God?

When an act of random violence kills innocent people, wounds and maims dozens of others, and brings an entire city to its knees, there are only questions - who did this, why, how? read more »

Green Leaves

When we grieve, subliminally we constantly assess the parameters of our trust. read more »

Comfort - Again

Comfort is a repetitive experience of grief – there’s no one-time, one-size-fits-all comfort that can fix our grief and send us on our way in life. read more »

Grief at Lent

The personal reflection of Lent is rather like the soulful contemplation most of us experience at some time in our grief. read more »