Grief in the New Year

Time does not stand still for those who grieve. read more »

No Fear in Love

Love and fear share a kind of polar opposite kinship. When we grieve, most of us experience the kind of fear that has little to do with love. Some of us live with a kind of chronic fear that feels like quiet desperation. Some of us live with low-grade fear that causes us to be constantly on the defensive. Though some of us live through grief with a fair amount of equanimity, unexpectedly we may be waylaid by episodes of fear that threaten to unhinge us completely. Grief, fear, love—strange bedfellows indeed. read more »

The Faith of Grief

The hardscrabble faith of grief is altogether different from an unbruised faith that has not been tried and tested by a firsthand experience of death, life’s most certain inevitability. If our world has been inverted by the death of one we love, for a while our faith may seem muddled as we ask hard questions that test the truth of what we say we believe. read more »


One of the things I remember most about my father is that he was the most colorblind person I have ever known. His eyesight was perfect, but his heart and mind simply did not recognize black or white, brown or red. He chose to be a person who would, “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God” (Micah 6:8). Though my father was not a saint nor was he by any means perfect, he did not tolerate racism or bigotry of any kind. He lived in the conviction of faith that we should “love one another” (John 13:34 NRSV). Everyone. No exceptions. read more »


As I’ve continued the final clean-out of my mother’s house over the past week, I’ve gone again and again to the toolbox for a hammer, a screwdriver, or some other task-specific… read more »

Counting the Cost

When we grieve the death of one we love, most of us - at some time sooner or later - reach a moment when we realize we must rebuild our lives. read more »

Green Leaves

When we grieve, subliminally we constantly assess the parameters of our trust. read more »


The rhythm of the seasons is part of God’s order in the world. read more »


One of the lessons grief teaches us is that it’s impossible to imagine the death of a loved one or be comforted beforehand. read more »