Grief in the New Year

Time does not stand still for those who grieve. read more »


Giving something that we have received to someone else is known as regifting, a practice that has been around for a long time but one that has become more openly acceptable in recent years. The urge to recycle our stuff is driven by a desire to rid ourselves of those things we do not want or need and will never use. We think that our castoffs might be used or enjoyed by someone else, so we pass them along as “gifts”. read more »

The Penny

As I returned to my car from a quick stop at the drug store, I happened to look down at the pavement and saw a penny. Though it was dirty, scratched, and almost unrecognizable as a coin, I picked it up and put it with the other change in my wallet. read more »

Don't Miss the Spring

At this time of unprecedented crisis the entire world is single-minded in its focus on the prevention and containment of the coronavirus. And while this daunting challenge may well stretch our healthcare resources and financial fortitude for an as yet unknown period of time, our innate survival instinct can easily overwhelm the rest of life still going on around us. We shop, stock up, and even hoard sufficient supplies to calm our momentary sense of helplessness at least for a while. read more »

A Future

When life as we know it has been brought to a standstill by the death of one we love, the future we once imagined, perhaps even relied upon as a certainty, is no more. Our hopes, our dreams, our inmost desire for fulness of life beyond the horizon of today are unalterably shaken. And though remnants of our ideal longings may survive the finality of death, the fragile ruins of the future we once envisioned become a commentary on our past. read more »


When we grieve, somewhere deep within we long to soar again. read more »

Grief Recovery

What is it about grief that seems so at odds with the notion of recovery? read more »

Seek the Light

We make our way through the valley of the shadow of death because of the certainty of light, the assurance of God's light, the light we seek at Christmas. read more »


When we grieve the death of one we love, whether we like it or not we're compelled to remodel our lives. read more »

Healing Our Wounds

No disappointment or betrayal in life has the same brute force, the crushing power to wound us as death. read more »


As we grieve we spend a lot of thought energy seeking - but what is it we really expect to find? read more »


When we stop to consider everything that's happened since the death of our loved one we realize that our lives have changed - dramatically and irrevocably. read more »

A New View

What we discover as we grieve is that our view to life is constantly evolving and changing. read more »

Moving On

It's an emotional commitment to make a major life change. read more »

The Land of Hope

When we grieve, our journey takes us through the valley of the shadow of death. read more »

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