The Love of God

In grief there's a kind of fluid balance between fear and love. read more »

Hidden in Plain Sight

Sometimes a new perspective on a single word or idea can penetrate our uneven grief emotions and get our attention in an unexpected way. It is the light bulb effect, the “aha” moment when we at last understand some deeper truth that gives us unexpected insight into the nature of God. When this happens, we are strengthened and inspired to move forward in our grief. read more »


As our grief slowly moves beyond the pain of loss and loneliness, often we ask ourselves, “Will I ever be happy again?” read more »


But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for see – I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people.” (Luke 2:10 NRSV) read more »

The Glow

When we grieve, really what we're seeking is the light that inspires our glow. read more »

On Being Loving

A fundamental source of our inner turmoil may be the quandary of love. read more »


One of the most puzzling aspects of grief is the ongoing challenge of seeking. read more »

The Heart

In our heart we find our inmost spiritual connection to God. read more »


As we grieve, our experience of remembering slowly shifts. It takes on a rhythm of its own. read more »


Sometimes the effect of refurnishing our personal space - physically and emotionally - looks and feels a little at odds with our surroundings. read more »

In the Dark

I don't like to be in the dark or power-less. read more »