Grief Fatigue

The almost surreal fatigue of mind, body, and spirit that engulfs us when one we love dies often lingers longer than we'd like to think. read more »

Grief Speak

Likely most of us have heard or read well-intentioned expressions of sympathy couched I "grief speak" that did little or nothing to comfort us. read more »


We live in a society that easily conforms to convention, especially when someone dies. read more »

On Being Loving

A fundamental source of our inner turmoil may be the quandary of love. read more »

Other Love

Other love is a self-emptying, surprising kind of love that shows us more of God's love. read more »

Empty Grief

I'm struggling to untangle the complex emotions at the heart of a complicated grief. I realize that what I'm really feeling is empty. read more »


This story of productivity, change, destruction, and rebuilding is a kind of metaphor for our lives as we grieve the death of one we love. read more »


As I’ve continued the final clean-out of my mother’s house over the past week, I’ve gone again and again to the toolbox for a hammer, a screwdriver, or some other task-specific… read more »


When we grieve the death of one we love, whether we like it or not we're compelled to remodel our lives. read more »


We're called to think and feel beyond the collective statistics of large-scale events of destruction with reverence for life and spiritual respect for the mystery of death. read more »

Counting the Cost

When we grieve the death of one we love, most of us - at some time sooner or later - reach a moment when we realize we must rebuild our lives. read more »

Healing Our Wounds

No disappointment or betrayal in life has the same brute force, the crushing power to wound us as death. read more »

Pause to Grieve

This week as we again commemorate the events of 9/11/2001, many of us will pause to grieve the people and places and ideals that were lost to us on that horrible, fateful day. read more »


As we grieve we spend a lot of thought energy seeking - but what is it we really expect to find? read more »


One of the most puzzling aspects of grief is the ongoing challenge of seeking. read more »

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