A New View

What we discover as we grieve is that our view to life is constantly evolving and changing. read more »


Sometimes the effect of refurnishing our personal space - physically and emotionally - looks and feels a little at odds with our surroundings. read more »

The Grief TV

Dealing with all the choices, options, and emotional challenges of a life irrevocably changed by the death of one we love is heavy lifting indeed. read more »

Moving On

It's an emotional commitment to make a major life change. read more »

Moving Forward

Over time I've found that one of the greatest hurdles of moving forward on the journey through grief is the active pursuit of redefining our individual self. read more »

Moving Through

Our life serves a purpose, we're going somewhere... read more »

Light Lets You See Things

Light lets us see the way through our grief, even as we live for a while in the darkness of our pain and sorrow. read more »

In the Dark

I don't like to be in the dark or power-less. read more »

The Harvest of Grief

The work of grief is a little like farming - it's a hard, daily encounter with uncertainty and the possible outcome of total loss. read more »

The Garden of the Heart

What does the garden of the heart look like, especially as we near the other side of grief? read more »

Still Waters

The psalmist beautifully describes God's presence to us, especially when we grieve, "He leads me beside still waters" (Psalm 233:2 RSV). read more »

Living Water

When I was in school I was at best indifferent to science, especially chemistry. I learned what was necessary to navigate the tests, but I didn’t really "get it", especially the… read more »

The Land of Hope

When we grieve, our journey takes us through the valley of the shadow of death. read more »

Tender Mercy

Love, mercy, and grace – the very best of God, especially when we grieve, “Do not, O LORD, withhold your mercy from me; let your steadfast love and your faithfulness keep me safe forever” (Psalm 40:11 NRSV). read more »

Record Keeping

We're hard-wired to be record keepers. read more »

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