Anxious about Everything

When we grieve most of us easily succumb to anxiety which, at its essence, is chronic worry. read more »

Green Light

When we're in the throes of our deepest grief often we forget that God is for us. read more »

Wordless Prayer

When we grieve often it's simply not possible to find words that express our sorrow, our pain, our inmost needs. read more »

The Distractions of Duty

To reconcile our experience of death to life, at some time we must retreat unto ourselves and be still. read more »

Where Do I Fit In?

One of the subtle shifts we experience when someone we love dies is the re-ordering of our place in life. read more »


When the heavy rock of death enters the deep water of our life, grief creates so much more than a ripple effect. read more »

Riding Backward

Whether we like it or not, when we grieve we're the ones riding backward. read more »


As we grieve, our experience of remembering slowly shifts. It takes on a rhythm of its own. read more »

A New View

What we discover as we grieve is that our view to life is constantly evolving and changing. read more »


Sometimes the effect of refurnishing our personal space - physically and emotionally - looks and feels a little at odds with our surroundings. read more »

The Grief TV

Dealing with all the choices, options, and emotional challenges of a life irrevocably changed by the death of one we love is heavy lifting indeed. read more »

Moving On

It's an emotional commitment to make a major life change. read more »

Moving Forward

Over time I've found that one of the greatest hurdles of moving forward on the journey through grief is the active pursuit of redefining our individual self. read more »

Moving Through

Our life serves a purpose, we're going somewhere... read more »

Light Lets You See Things

Light lets us see the way through our grief, even as we live for a while in the darkness of our pain and sorrow. read more »

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