How Long Does Grief Last?

Grief is many things, but it is not an on-demand experience. read more »

Grief Delayed

When tragedies and disasterst cause the death of a loved one and destroy our home and belongings, our physical circumstances may allow little time to do the emotional and spiritual work of grief. read more »


Earth Day, Arbor Day, yet another wedding Anniversary - the occasions of April that, for me, are heavy laden with beauty, joy, and sorrow. read more »

Collective Grief

When an entire community is stunned and shocked by large-scale loss, most recently the explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, a kind of collective grief envelops everyone touched by the tragedy. read more »

Where is God?

When an act of random violence kills innocent people, wounds and maims dozens of others, and brings an entire city to its knees, there are only questions - who did this, why, how? read more »

Speed Grieving

One of the anomalies of grief is that it will not be rushed. read more »

Green Leaves

When we grieve, subliminally we constantly assess the parameters of our trust. read more »

Hidden in Plain Sight

Sometimes I’m struck by certain scriptures that give us a better, deeper insight into the nature of God. read more »


The rhythm of the seasons is part of God’s order in the world. read more »


On remembrance days, we are easily engulfed by a tidal wave of emotions, as often our grief is renewed and revisited. read more »

Strong and True

Easter is a tender time when we’re grieving the death of one we love. read more »

The Will of God?

As we journey through the valley of the shadow of death, we seek answers. read more »

View from the Mountain

When we’ve lived - even if only for a while - on top of life’s most beautiful mountain with the one now lost to us in death, grief may seem like a free-fall into the ordinariness of life. read more »

The Sweetness of Life

“I am overwhelmed by the sweetness of life.” read more »

This Side of Grief

Grief has the power to create divides in our life, occasionally even deep chasms. Sometimes we feel that it’s “us” and “them” – those who understand… read more »

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