Collective Grief

When an entire community is stunned and shocked by large-scale loss, most recently the explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, a kind of collective grief envelops everyone touched by the tragedy. read more »

Where is God?

When an act of random violence kills innocent people, wounds and maims dozens of others, and brings an entire city to its knees, there are only questions - who did this, why, how? read more »

Speed Grieving

One of the anomalies of grief is that it will not be rushed. read more »

Green Leaves

When we grieve, subliminally we constantly assess the parameters of our trust. read more »

Hidden in Plain Sight

Sometimes I’m struck by certain scriptures that give us a better, deeper insight into the nature of God. read more »


The rhythm of the seasons is part of God’s order in the world. read more »


On remembrance days, we are easily engulfed by a tidal wave of emotions, as often our grief is renewed and revisited. read more »

Strong and True

Easter is a tender time when we’re grieving the death of one we love. read more »

The Will of God?

As we journey through the valley of the shadow of death, we seek answers. read more »

View from the Mountain

When we’ve lived - even if only for a while - on top of life’s most beautiful mountain with the one now lost to us in death, grief may seem like a free-fall into the ordinariness of life. read more »

The Sweetness of Life

“I am overwhelmed by the sweetness of life.” read more »

This Side of Grief

Grief has the power to create divides in our life, occasionally even deep chasms. Sometimes we feel that it’s “us” and “them” – those who understand… read more »

How Did We Get Here?

Part of the journey through grief is figuring out how we got here. What exactly happened to turn our world upside down and inside out? read more »

The Journey

Grief is a journey we had rather not take. With the death of our loved one, suddenly we’re on a forced march through unfamiliar, uncharted, foreign territory. read more »


One of the lessons grief teaches us is that it’s impossible to imagine the death of a loved one or be comforted beforehand. read more »

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