Shock: Day 4

How long must I bear pain in my soul, and have sorrow in my heart all day long?
Psalm 13:2 NRSV

Shock: Day 1

My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your Word.
Psalm 119:28 NIV

Shock: Day 2

The cords of death entangled me, the anguish of the grave came over me; I was overcome by distress and sorrow.
Psalm 116:3 NIV

Shock: Day 3

O my Comforter in sorrow, my heart is faint within me.
Jeremiah 8:18 NIV

Shock: Day 5

I will turn their mourning into joy, I will comfort them, and give them gladness for sorrow.
Jeremiah 31:13 NRSV

Shock: Day 6

The LORD will be your everlasting light, and your days of sorrow will end.
Isaiah 60:20 NIV

Shock: Day 7

The LORD has added sorrow to my pain; I am worn out with groaning and find no rest.
Jeremiah 45:3 NIV