Confusion: Day 6

My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow.
Mark 14:34 NIV


When your soul is overwhelmed with sorrow, it is often impossible to concentrate on the business of this world. Yet you are forced by the demands of death and the needs of your ongoing life to make choices and decisions. Business can easily overwhelm you when your soul is filled with sorrow. When emotional confusion begins to subside, your grief may feel naked and exposed. Yet deep within, yours is an unconquerable soul because it is fortified by the unshakeable love of God.


God, even though I am usually able to manage the business of life, I am overwhelmed with sorrow. I hardly recognize my incapacity. Is this the way it will always be because of the death of my beloved? Clear my mind and heart so that I may think and live in your presence. Amen.


Sorrow is not a permanent condition of my soul.