Prayer: Day 2

Then I called on the name of the LORD: “O LORD, I pray, save my life!”

Psalm 116:4 NRSV


In grief, you may resist the innate need to pray, yet your every thought may be a form of prayer. For a while you may be unable to ask or receive in prayer. Your prayer receptors seem broken. One way you may pray through grief is in unbroken “stream of consciousness” conversation with God, rather than a formal ritual at a predetermined time of day. Even before you ask, you listen for the answer to your plea, “O Lord, save my life!” God hears every prayer of your heart.


God, you have saved my life through all the days of my grief. I am grateful that my soul calls on your name continuously, even when my spirit is distracted by grief. Amen.


I know that my prayers are answered.