Shock: Day 7

The LORD has added sorrow to my pain; I am worn out with groaning and find no rest.
Jeremiah 45:3 NIV


When shock has taken up residence in your heart, your sustained pain and sorrow are emotionally and physically wearying. You may not be able to sleep, or your sleep may be restless and wakeful. Your dreams interrupt you with hope and then quickly remind you of death. Your mind cannot turn off. You find no rest for your body or soul. You must do nothing for a while to recover physically from the shock of grief. Begin today. Remember to breathe. Consciously inhale. Consciously exhale. Step outside for fresh air. Breathe. Rest. There is life beyond grief.


God, my exterior is stalwart, but I am worn out with my inward groaning. There is no rest for my body or soul. But I know that there is rest in you, who gives life. Help me to rest, to breathe, to live. Amen.


God wants me to care for myself even in my sorrow and pain.