"There are certain writers who radiate comfort. Julie is one of those. Present Comfort could not be more timely."

"Written clearly and easy to read. Helped me through a very difficult time."

"Julie Yarbrough makes you feel like you are having a conversation with her not reading a book."

"... written by a person who is on the grief journey, so she understands."

"The overall theme of the book is that there is life after grief. It is hopeful and, faith filled, using Scripture as the basis."

"This book was used in a grief support class that I attended. I found it to parallel many of my feelings and experiences. It also had new insights for me."

"I have provided this Grief Support Program to those who have lost a loved one. I have found it to be very helpful."

"The book is fabulous for persons who are grieving. It puts life in perspective and was very healing, it helped me feel not so lonely."

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