Grief is our finest, most enduring labor of love - we remember, we honor, we build our life anew for the future. read more »

The Mind

Grief is perhaps the least cerebral experience in all of life. read more »

The Heart

In our heart we find our inmost spiritual connection to God. read more »

The Hand

Our physical hand is perhaps the most tactile part of our body with nerve endings that allow us to feel and touch and sense. read more »


When we grieve, for a while shock protects us from the reality of death and the enormity of our loss. But one day the shock of what’s happened to us – whether suddenly or over time -… read more »


The overarching emotion most of us feel when we grieve is pervasive, sometimes relentless sadness. read more »


When we stop to consider everything that's happened since the death of our loved one we realize that our lives have changed - dramatically and irrevocably. read more »

Anxious about Everything

When we grieve most of us easily succumb to anxiety which, at its essence, is chronic worry. read more »

Green Light

When we're in the throes of our deepest grief often we forget that God is for us. read more »

Wordless Prayer

When we grieve often it's simply not possible to find words that express our sorrow, our pain, our inmost needs. read more »

The Distractions of Duty

To reconcile our experience of death to life, at some time we must retreat unto ourselves and be still. read more »

Where Do I Fit In?

One of the subtle shifts we experience when someone we love dies is the re-ordering of our place in life. read more »


When the heavy rock of death enters the deep water of our life, grief creates so much more than a ripple effect. read more »

Riding Backward

Whether we like it or not, when we grieve we're the ones riding backward. read more »


As we grieve, our experience of remembering slowly shifts. It takes on a rhythm of its own. read more »

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