Anger: Day 3

Put aside all bitterness, losing your temper, anger, shouting, and slander, along with every other evil.
Ephesians 4:31 CEB


It is hard work to sort through your emotions after death. As you confront anger, you realize that it is not wrong to experience it as long as you understand its cause and manage it constructively. Think about the target of your anger. Is it your husband or wife, your mother or father, or other family members? Are you angry at doctors or medical personnel who could not save your loved one? Are you angry at friends who do not understand your grief? Are you angry at yourself? Are you angry at God? Be honest with yourself about your anger.


God, I am angry that there was no happy ending to life. And I confess that I am angry that you did not intervene to spare the life of my beloved. Help me to put aside my anger. Amen.


Instead of nurturing anger, I can name it and confront it.