Beyond: Day 1

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinegrower.”
John 15:1 NRSV


If you have ever seen pictures of or visited a vineyard, you know that the actual vine plant is a remarkably sturdy creation of nature. At the peak of growth before the harvest, it supports a top-heavy load of tendrils, leaves, and grapes disproportionate to the slim stalk of the vine. After the harvest, the vines lie fallow until they are carefully stripped and the miracle of new growth begins again. Christ is the true vine; God is the vine-grower. You are the tendril that grows and bears fruit when you stay connected to the true vine.


God, you are both vine and vine grower. I pray that you will cultivate and grow me beyond grief. Amen.


My growth comes from the stalk of the true vine.