Comfort: Day 1

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”
Matthew 5:4 NRSV


As your grief progresses through the pain of loss and loneliness, the counterintuitive promise of the fourth beatitude or “declaration of blessedness” from the Sermon on the Mount assures you that, because you mourn, you will be blessed. In grief you may struggle to reconcile feeling blessed with mourning. After all, who feels blessed when someone dies? And what is the blessing of death for those of us who remain in this world except the end of mortal pain and suffering for the one we loved? Because mourning is the expression of your inmost sorrow, grief insists that you mourn before you are blessed with authentic comfort. Take heart. Because you mourn, you will be comforted.


God, at this moment I am in too much pain to understand how I am blessed by my sorrow. Help me to believe the promise that I will be comforted. Amen.


When I am comforted, I am blessed.