Forgiving Yourself: Day 7

The one whose wrongdoing is forgiven, whose sin is covered over, is truly happy!
Psalm 32:1 CEB


What does it mean to say that wrongdoing is “covered over”? It means that it is forgiven and forgotten. Forgetting your own wrongdoings, however far in the past they may be, is perhaps even more difficult than forgiving yourself. The only one remembering is you. When God forgives you and you, in turn, forgive yourself, your wrongdoings are consigned to oblivion forever. You are blessed when you forgive yourself.


God, forgiving and forgetting my own wrongdoings is an ongoing challenge of life. On this day of rest may I allow the balm of forgiveness to saturate and bless my soul in your grace. Amen.


I master my grief when I forgive and forget.