God's Plan: Day 2

. . . and do not rely on your own insight.
Proverbs 3:5b NRSV


A challenge of grief is the notion that there is any insight other than your own. Yet the one certainty about your own insight is that it is limited. It has no farther span than the imagination of your own mind. God’s insight is limitless. It is infinite. When your spirit is impoverished by grief, you perhaps feel for a while that you can trust only that of which you are sure—your own resources. Yet likely you experience time and again how unreliable your own resources actually are. Do you rely on your insight or trust the insight of God?


God, you have given me the ability to think and imagine, yet I understand that my insight and resources are limited. Help me as I struggle with self-reliance instead of complete trust in you. Amen.


In grief I better understand the difference between reliance and trust.