Grief is Celebration - Preparation

I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you.
Joshua 1:5 NRSV


Grief is an experience that often collides with the ongoing celebrations of life. Your journey through grief is marked by inevitable secular and sacred holidays. If daily life with your loved one was a continuous festival of love and joy, you may grieve the loss of celebration in your life. Even under the best circumstances, holidays are emotion-laden occasions. When you grieve at the holidays, you agonize about what is to come because of the unknown—that is, how things will be rather than how things have been. Likely you live in the shadow of expectation; you cherish high hopes and dismal fears. Most often reality is somewhere in between.


God, I am anxious about the holiday season and how it will be without my loved one. May I rest in the assurance that you will hold me close as I grieve and remember. Amen.


God is with me.