Individuate: Day 4

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”
Exodus 33:14 NRSV


Individuating is, in part, about recognizing yourself in the first person: you, yours. Did your life have value only in reference to the life of your loved one? Did making the life of another your priority—selflessly putting the comfort and needs of another before your own—qualify the value of your own life? Do you think less of your own life because it means little to you without him or her? Is life worth anything? Is it worth something? Is it worth nothing? What is the value of your life? These are the questions of individuation, the conflict of head and heart in claiming fullness of life for yourself.


God, thank you that the promise of your presence is personal and individual. Help me to know myself again at this time of grief. Amen.


God best understands my individual place in the social structure of life.