Loneliness: Day 1

Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted.
Psalm 25:16 NRSV


Grief is loneliness. Grief is the emptiness of aloneness. The impassioned cry of the psalmist to God was offered from the same place of personal loneliness and isolation that you experience in grief. Isolation is the feeling of being bottled up and locked away from life. The psalmist acknowledged loneliness and called it an affliction. In grief you experience loneliness as pain. For a while, you are afflicted. Even though you feel especially alone in the pain of grief, God is with you.


God, in the loneliness of my grief, I know that that you are here, enfolding me with the grace of your abiding Spirit. I thank you that I am not alone. Amen.


I relieve my loneliness when I reach out to God and to others.