Loneliness: Day 2

“Let me alone, that I may find a little comfort.”
Job 10:20 NRSV


Loneliness is the overarching experience of grief. When you find yourself suddenly without your loved one, loneliness is likely the pervasive condition of your heart. For a while, loneliness may be the steady, ice-cold companion of grief. Your impulse may be to both isolate and insulate yourself because you are lonely. For a while, you may want others to leave you alone so that you can grieve privately and find your own comfort. Allow yourself time alone to grieve.


God, I am so lonely without the one lost to my life. Yet I need to be alone for a time to grieve in your comfort. Soothe the loneliness of my broken heart. Amen.


I will know when I am ready to reconnect.