Loneliness: Day 5

We do not live to ourselves, and we do not die to ourselves.
Romans 14:7 NRSV


You do not live in a spiritual vacuum, even in grief. Though you are lonely, you neither live nor die in isolated self-sufficiency. Part of the loneliness of grief is the urgent desire to keep your loved one alive in your heart and mind. You feel the need to talk and invoke his or her name and continuing spiritual presence. You want to hear others speak with passion about the life and enduring legacy of your loved one. But who is listening, really listening? Who understands your loneliness and pain? There is someone waiting to listen to you who will understand the loneliness of your heart.


God, I know that you understand my loneliness and pain. I live unto you, even as I express my emotional isolation to others so that you may work through their listening to help me live. Amen.


There is someone near who cares and wants to listen to me.