Prayer: Day 3

Now, O my God, let your eyes be open and your ears attentive to prayer from this place.
2 Chronicles 6:40 NRSV


Because of the experience of death, your expectations of prayer may change. When you watch a loved one die, you may be spiritually immobilized by your own helplessness. In the urgent quiet of desperation, you may be unable to pray. Your fervent, whispered pleas for healing and restoration are answered, but not with yes. You learn that the answer to prayer may be wait or no. When you pray for comfort and strength, however, the answer is always yes.


God, even when I am not attentive to you, I know that you listen and hear my prayers. Thank you for the assurance that you are with me at this place now. Amen.


Wherever I pray, whatever I pray, I believe that God hears and answers me.