Prayer: Day 6

Therefore let all who are faithful offer prayer to you; at a time of distress, the rush of mighty waters shall not reach them.
Psalm 32:6 NRSV


In grief, persistent questions invade every area of your emotional and spiritual well-being. To better understand prayer, consider your personal retrospective. What did you pray for if you watched illness progressing toward death? What was the answer to your prayer? Do you believe that your prayers for healing were not answered? At the death of your loved one, how did you respond to the answer to your prayer—anger, disappointment, resentment, bewilderment? As a defining part of faith, prayer is always available, whatever the answer may be.


God, even through the distress of grief, the force of grief has not overwhelmed me. May I release my questions to you in faithful prayer. Amen.


Prayer repels the rush of grief’s mighty waters.