Self: Day 3

For you, O LORD, are my hope, my trust, O LORD, from my youth.
Psalm 71:5 NRSV


In grief, you may be plagued by the sense that you cannot trust yourself enough to move forward in life. This is perhaps the moment for a serious accounting of your spiritual assets and liabilities. Likely the cause of your personal breakdown of trust is more imagined than real. God knows who you are, how you live, what is the span of your life, and what you may contribute while you yet have breath, whatever your circumstances. As God’s beloved child, God’s desire is for you to trust—in God and in yourself.


God, you are present to me now as you have been every day of my life. May I return again to trust, for you are my hope and my trust. Amen.


My spiritual assets far outweigh the emotional liabilities of my grief.