Spiritual: Day 3

He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.

Psalm 23:2 RSV


On the journey through grief there are, at first, only occasional green pastures until one day the landscape of the valley of the shadow of death becomes a vast expanse of beauty and wonder. Along the way you experience moments beside still waters that refresh and animate your soul. Those who have walked the road of grief before you have left behind a well-worn path that leads to greener pastures of life. Their testimony of stamina and fortitude strengthens your resolve to accept the peace that is beside still waters.


God, along the journey of grief you have, indeed, made me lie down from time to time to enjoy your oases of quiet and rest. Thank you for insisting that I rest with you beside still waters. Amen.


My place of “still waters”—a glassy lake, a seaside retreat, a reflecting pool, a burbling fountain—can be anywhere there is peace.