Spiritual: Day 6

He restores my soul.
Psalm 23:3a RSV


Grief is not, as many would say, time that has done its work; rather, you do the work of grief to the point of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion. That is why it is vital to pause and rest on the journey through grief. Unexpected setbacks, detours, and side trips of illness or infirmity happen along the way. Your emotional ups and downs keep you on the uneven pavement of a bumpy road. Your interactions with those who do not understand your grief isolate you on the rough shoulders of a narrow, less-traveled highway. Acceptance is about spiritual restoration on the off ramp of the journey through grief.


God, you ask me to stop and rest on the journey for the refreshment of your restorative love. Thank you for your faithful guidance through the valley of the shadow of death on my way toward acceptance. Amen.


Without rest there can be no restoration.