Worry: Day 1

“Do not worry about your life.”
Matthew 6:25 NRSV


Grief is worry. In fact, your most faithful companion in grief may well be worry. Even if you are not someone who chronically or habitually worries, it may surprise you how much of grief is framed in worry, at least for a while. Fear drives and inspires worry when you grieve. Fear and worry are partners in grief. The emotional pain of grief intensifies worry. When you understand this about grief, you are better able to put worry in perspective. As your fear slowly diminishes, worry will release its hold on your mind and heart.


God, you command me not to worry about life. But I am in pain, and worry consumes my mind. May I understand your command even if I am not entirely able to give up all of my worry right now. Amen.


As I overcome fear, my worry subsides.