Worry: Day 6

“ . . . for tomorrow will bring worries of its own.”
Matthew 6:34b NRSV


Agonizing is the most extreme form of worry. It is the form of worry that feeds your circular inner monologue, that endless conversation of the mind that asks, “What if . . . ?” You agonize subconsciously when you worry about difficult decisions and seemingly hopeless situations. As surely as the sun rises again, tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Agonizing about tomorrow’s worries today is an insidious pitfall of grief. Rather than worrying about “What if?” reframe worry into the possibility of “What now?”


God, I struggle with worry every day. I hear myself agonizing about the vast unknown of my life. Teach me the quiet of the mind that is yours. Amen.


I conquer fear and insecurity by resisting needless worry about tomorrow.